Episode 2

In this episode, a woman who lives in a public housing complex with others, and has multiple pest infestations such as rats, mice, and cockroaches. She doesn’t want her name on the radio and to let people know that her house is infested with critters so they refer to her as Mrs. M. One night, Mrs. M was going to sleep on the downstairs couch, just because all of the other rooms were taken up with family in town. During the middle of the night, she said she felt something in her ear and said she knew exactly what it was when she felt it. She then woke up and started screaming “MOM, MOM, MOM”. Her mom rushed down and took her to the hospital. It took them about 5 minutes to get the roach out of her ear and claimed it was a really big roach that cost about $165 to get out.

Without even hearing her mother’s story about the roach in her ear her daughter Brittney said that the same thing has happened to her twice, and her boyfriend once! They went to the hospital to get her them out like their mothers. Brittney said she started putting tissues in her ears when she sleeps so it doesn’t happen again. I couldn’t imagine having to put tissues in my ear every night living with the constant fear of a roach possible climbing up in my ear and making it their home. Brittney says it was really, really, hard to fall asleep after this happened.

Mrs. M says that she got used to seeing roaches around her house. She didn’t get afraid anymore, it was just a reoccurring thing that happened that you got used to. She said there were hundreds everywhere, in her drawers, kitchen, and sofas.

The next story is about a family in Brooklyn who’s house is infested with bed bugs. They say you can tell when they’re back when you see furniture down the street with signs on them saying “bedbugs, do not use”. This is for the people who are interested in taking these pieces back to their homes. The woman said you can tell when they are there, she said it feels like the sheets are crawling, and how when she wakes up in the middle of the night its hard to go back to sleep when you keep getting bit. Their daughter woke up one night screaming and itching herself saying she got bit by something. So the parents moved her downstairs on an air mattress with them. But that didn’t stop the bed bugs. The mom said, “The bed bugs didn’t leave, we just simply moved their food source”. Hearing that alone scares the everliving heck out of me even if I don’t know what it is. Just knowing that I am a food source for some animal or insect gives me the eeriest feeling ever.

The family exterminated, they even bought their own pesticides, and put all of their clothes, sheets and daughters toys in clean plastic bags. The mom said that she felt like she was living out of plastic bags. They even threw out half their books and vacuumed out each page that still had bedbugs in them. They even coated the legs of their beds in Vaseline because the mom read somewhere that the bugs cant climb on Vaseline. So far the parents both agree that what they’re doing is working so far. Hearing the stories and the things they’re doing to prevent bedbugs from staying in their home is unbelievable. As I figured, they cannot afford to move, so they are taking every step to prevent their home from being a livable bedbug home.

Bed bug infestation.
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