Exploratory Path- Cafe Intermezzo

This journey begins with my growing love for food and coffee. Since I was a young boy, I never had a problem with what I ate. I was never a picky eater and had always eaten what my mom made for dinner and never complained. I was always optimistic about trying new things and never turned down an opportunity to try something new. Since my family is fairly diverse, I have been introduced to many different kinds of food such as Lithuanian, Polish, German, and some Irish meals.

Photo of Cafe Intermezzo

One weekend, my grandma asked if I wanted to have lunch with her, and of course, I said yes. She said she wanted to try this new place out in Avalon, then described the place to me saying it had just opened and had a very good reputation. I immediately accepted the invite and was excited to try this place out.

When we arrived, we were greeted with a smile from a nice waitress that showed us to our table. She first handed us a food menu and read us the specials. I decided that I wanted to order the avocado toast with a side bowl of fruit. She then asked if we wanted the coffee menu. I was confused because I had never heard of a restaurant that had a separate menu for coffee. So I, of course, said yes and was immediately blown away by all of the options. I wanted to try something different so I got the Turkish coffee. The wait wasn’t long before our food had arrived and let me tell you that I am not one of those people who take their phone out and take a picture of my food but This was too good not to share. After I took a picture, my coffee was brought to the table. It came in a little pot on a plate with a tiny mug. It was different because I got to pour it myself and drink as much as I wanted without having to waste it. My first bite into the avocado toast was some feeling I can’t even describe. I’ve made avocado toast for breakfast before but it doesn’t compare at all. The coffee different, I have to admit, it was not my favorite thing or anything to write home about but I am glad I tried and I can now say that I’ve tried Turkish coffee.

Overall, my first visit with Cafe Intermezzo was a success and a great start to my day. I would 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone who is looking for an upscale breakfast/ brunch establishment. I would have to say it is one of my favorites places to have breakfast because of the large variety in breakfast foods while being able to drink a good cup of coffee. I always try and get a cup of coffee at Cafe Intermezzo every time I go to Avalon, just because I love the restaurant and the aesthetic of the coffee and the windows you can look through to see all the crowds of people walking around Avalon.