“Friendship”- Final Cut

Hello, This story is about my Life long friend, Alex. It shares our life growing up together, some funny moments, and how we have stayed friends for this long. I really enjoyed making this video because it helped me reminisce about all these great memories he and I made throughout our long time as friends. I hope you all enjoy it.

The purpose of this story was to share Alex’s and I’s friendship to others and to show how much he really means to me, but of course, through this process, there were a lot of complications. I had thousands of pictures of us and some sent to me by my and his mom which made it really difficult to pick the right pictures and add the right amount of content. Another major complication I ran into was trying to get the volume adjusted, I had trouble trying to find the right volume for my voice while trying to keep the volume and the 3-4 videos I added in check.

“Clips were funny and engaging” -Schuyler M.

“You can really tell your friendship is very deep and real” -Saven M.

“Cowboy outfits are DOPE” -Ryan M

“Good combination of humor and sincerity” -Rachel W.

“Loved the progression of the images/ you two growing up” -Fiona M.