Story Ideas

This is a story back in the 6th grade when my basketball team and I “the Riverwatch Panthers”, won the championship game. Emotions were high the night of the game but in the end, we knew we were the better team. We had trained effortlessly for this game and when we took the court we gave it our all. After we heard the last buzzer sound and we won the game, the court was rushed and we were flooded with our school’s student section. This is a picture of all of us and some of our close friends at the after-party enjoying the victory.
Long before I could remember, this picture was taken. This is my longest known best friend named Alex Bercik. The youngest memory I have of us two spans all the way back to first grade when I had asked him to come and draw a lightning bolt on my picture because I thought it looked really cool and I wanted one just like his. As he was drawing it, I remember our teacher asking why Alex was up, and drawing on my paper. He had responded, “I was drawing lighting on my best friend’s paper so we can match”. This is a story is about a long friendship dating back to before I can remember, up to present-day today.
This is an actual photo I took at my good friend’s lake house up in Michigan. To take this photo, I put the bottom half of my phone in the lake to capture this amazing picture. This house might be the best spot in America to take pictures of sunsets overlooking a lake. The story I want to tell is that my time spent at this lake in Michigan was probably the best lake vacation I have experienced. It was a blast going up there, each day was something different that you couldn’t wait to get up for. Some days we would get up early to fish, others we would go tubing and get absolutely thrown off, and others just have spontaneous little adventures on the path that surrounds the lake.
A story I could tell 100 plus times is my passion for exotic cars. Ever since I was young I had always bent my neck in the backseat of my parent’s car watching these rare cars speed by. I remember the first poster of a car I owned, I put in my room, above my door, it’s still hanging there today. Its a poster of a purple Ferrari f430. I loved that thing so much, every friend that would ever leave my room loved seeing that car hanging above my door. I have been to a countless number of exotic car shows and car meets, so if anyone wants to go sometime I will say yes in a heartbeat. To this day, I will still break my neck in a car if I see a rare car on the road beside me. It is something that I will always love and be strongly passionate about. The picture above is a friend and I outside a Rolls Royce dealership taking a picture with one of their cars: the Rolls Royce Ghost.
This story consists of my love for traveling. This picture was taken 2 years ago in some desert in southern California. Although the purpose of this trip was to go watch a football game in Pasadena, California, I had always admired the desert and unknown places I haven’t discovered. I am always up for spontaneous trips to go explore some of the U.S’s natural beautiful locations. I would love nothing more than to have a job that requires me to travel the world. One dream I have is to one day, round up my three best friends and rebuild an old school bus and take a road trip around the country and admire what the United States has to offer.