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Story #1

This is a story about a life long friend of mine named Alex. To begin, I am going to start out at the time we met and when we became friends. This all took place in first grade when our parents met and started planning times for us to hang out. Next, I will move to middle school and how he got redistricted to another school, and then elaborate on some of the complications that went along with that and how it affected our friendship. Then, I will talk about how he moved 3 hours away from me in our sophomore year of high school, how he attended a different school and how our friendship struggled because of the distance and also only being able to see each other maybe once every 3 to 4 months. After that, I will discuss how we started college, by going to the same one and living together in a dorm freshman year with two other great friends of ours having the time of our lives. And finally, talk about how he transferred to UGA, leaving me at Kennesaw, to him transferring back to Kennesaw with me and us becoming roommates again. Yes, we have gone through some ups and downs, some being him moving a bunch because of his dad’s job relocating him but through three moves and 3 different schools we managed to stay friends. I would definitely consider him to be my best friend.