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Epicenter of Avalon

I remember back in high school when my friends had mentioned a new outlet mall was being built in Alpharetta. They had all been but be, and told me how amazing it was and how I needed to go see it. So the next Saturday three of my closest friends took a trip to Avalon. In the midst of parking on the busy Saturday, you could already hear the kids on the green screaming, the chatter of hundreds of people, and the aesthetic of it all. Words cannot describe my emotions on the first day I had spent here. I knew from the moment we left that Avalon was going to be the next hot spot to be in Alpharetta. Since high school, I have been able to watch Avalon grow in size and in popularity, adding new retail stores, restaurants, and apartments. The difference between what it is now to what it was back then is uncanny. Since Avalon is considered a multi-use development, it has so much to offer, some of those awesome amenities include…

Photo of Lululemon at Avalon

Avalon features more than 50+ commonly known retail stores such as Columbia, Lululemon, J.Crew, and Levis, while including other lesser-known establishments such as Lucky Brand, Hammer Made, and Crate & Barrel. These popular stores are what keep Avalon running and attracting new customers and business every day. One of my favorite places to visit in Avalon is the Tesla store. Click here to read about my obsession with Tesla. Avalon is one of my favorite places to come and shop because there is always something going on that keeps this place alive. I know that when I come here, I will leave with something. This is why I always bring money to spend because there are so many stores that I am interested in that pull my attention and get me interested.

Kona Grill Seafood

Avalon is known for many things, but one that tends to stand out more than others is the selection of restaurants. Avalon has a large variety in different types of food depending on what you are in the appetite for, some including, pizza- Antico’s, seafood- Kona Grill, to breakfast/ brunch foods- Cafe Intermezzo. There are times where I go to Avalon just for the food, depending on what I feel like I have a favorite restaurant for every meal. If I go for breakfast/ brunch my go-to place is Cafe Intermezzo. My favorite part about this spot is the variety of coffee. They have over 25 different types of coffee there ranging from a simple latte to Turkish coffee. I would definitely say this is one of my favorite breakfast restaurants. Avalon is always one of my go-to places when I am hungry. I enjoy coming here to eat with friends just because I have that group of friends that makes it really hard to decide where to eat, where no one can agree on anything or agree on a place we all want to eat. Thanks to Avalon, we have options on every variety of food so when one of my friends shoots down one of my options to eat at, we have other options within walking distance which is really important to us and other people. I don’t know if it’s just me and my friends but we enjoy that we have so many options within a half-mile radius.

Regal at Avalon

Some may know about the iconic “Regal Cinema’s” located near the plaza. This theatre keeps up with other local movie theatres and has brand new movies playing every day and a large variety of showtimes depending on when you’re available. This is one of my favorite theatres to go to. I like to think that I am a fairly busy person so most of my time is taken up by other activities that I’m doing, this theatre has a lot of different times that make it easy for me to catch the times for movies I want to see. Another reason why this theatre is one of my favorites is that I can come early and grab a bite to eat before the movie and not have to worry about getting snacks for the movie and spending “$50” on popcorn and drinks. The location of the theatre is convenient for parking as well. Since Avalon has ample parking, there are at least three parking lots/ decks that make the theatre within a 3-minute walk or run if I’m running late.

Apartments above the stores

As mentioned earlier, Avalon is a multi-use development, thus meaning having the opportunity of living here. Avalon features state of the art, modern houses, and apartments. These apartments include a collection of different floor plans that make you feel at home and are strategically located in the heart of Avalon surrounding you with everything you will ever need. I think that living in Avalon would be a really cool experience. I’d gather a couple friends to live with me and have a blast being close to all the amenities, stores, and restaurants. Plus, the apartments are really nice and modern which is something that I am looking for in a house/ apartment. Living in Avalon would mean living in the epicenter of a mall/ food court. Everything you need is within a mile, meaning cars wouldn’t be as necessary. Just think about how much money you would save not having to pay for gas, plus it would be good exercise walking everywhere and carrying groceries back to your apartment.

Street view and Hotel Avalon in the background

Avalon, being a popular site to visit, attracts many new visitors and customers each day. This is why in 2018 “Hotel Avalon” opened its doors to the public. This $112 million dollar hotel has over 250 rooms to stay in, an integrated bar and restaurant, with a presidential suite with its own personal terrace, a 24-hour workout facility and a second-story pool terrace looking over Avalon Boulevard, (the main street the runs through Avalon). Since I live close to Avalon I haven’t had the need to stay in the hotel, but I have been in to look around and observe. And let me tell you, I have thought about staying in there for a night just because of how nice it is. My friend and I tried to sneak up to the pool and take a look at the terrace overlooking Avalon. Unfortunately, we were stopped by a room keeper and asked to show our room keys to get to the pool and after we said we don’t have them we were told that she couldn’t let us in because we aren’t staying there. I can tell you that the hallways and a room we, fortunately, got to take a peek in were very nice and would recommend staying in if you’re in town.

A photo that was taken on the sidewalk

As well as the large array of retail stores and restaurants Avalon has to offer, they also hold weekly-monthly events on the green and around the complex. Most of the events hosted are family-friendly and fun for the kids. To be honest, when I researched Avalon more, I found out that there are events hosted here, I had never been to any which surprises me because I have known about this place since the beginning. I’ve told my friends about these events that are coming in the near future and I believe we are planning on going to some and seeing what they are all about.

Overall, Avalon is by far one of my favorite places to go hang out and shop at. Coming here with a group of friends and spending the day here is a great time because there is so much to do and it never gets old because something is always being added on to the complex. I would definitely recommend at least coming here and checking it out because this place is really different than regular malls and outdoor outlets.

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