SOP1- Observations and Inferences

This photo was captured inside an Apple store. I found this picture aesthetically pleasing with the neatness of their cable management and the simplicity of how they advertise their products. The way Apple stores show their products is unlike any other company. They have their products out on display while being charged with no case or cover protecting them. All that is being shown is the phone which was Apples goal, simplicity.
Jeni’s Ice Creams, the best ice cream in Alpharetta. I chose this picture because it’s ironic how they’re open, yet no one is inside because it is cold. Which is an inference that could be made from seeing this picture. Because It’s cold outside, no one is interested in ice cream.
I had to include this picture because I am a car nerd, but this is a picture outside of the Avalon Hotel at its valet parking. Inferences you can make about this picture is that it could be a wealthier area that Avalon is located at or that the hotel is one that would cost a bit more money to stay at.
I captured this picture inside the popular candy store known as “Fuzzywigs”. The reason behind taking the picture is that I wanted to add some color in my photos soley becasue people relate Winter and cold weather to darker colors such as grey, black and charcoal colors. Adding vibrant colors sheds some light upon they grey skies.
This is a picture outside of Jeni’s Ice Cream. I chose to take this picture because it’s Winter and most people don’t get ice cream when it’s cold out. However, normally in the Summer, the line to this popular ice cream shop wraps around around the establishment with ice cream craving customers.
These two stores side by side could indicate something that you may have missed. As mentioned earlier, you could infer by the nice cars that Avalon was a nice area and represented wealth. That goes along with this picture as well, these stores next to eachother show that this side of the street is more pricier than the other.
This is a picture of the street sign that represents the main road that runs through Avalon. Things you could infer by this photo could be someone finding light in the cold of Winter, that the sun is breaking through and trying to heat up the Earth as the cold takes over our bodies.
The reason for shooting this picture is the sheer fact that I liked it. This store portray’s itself to have modern, hip new clothing and hype products, therefore I think that can be something that you can infer by the name and the typeface. “Urban Outfitters” sounds like new products and something that seems to produce newer clothing trends and the font and the style make it look like its more of a modern store.
This is a picture of a pizzeria in Avalon, one of my favorite pizza places ever. Its different in a sense that one side of the restaurant is a cafe that you can order coffee from and the other side is the pizzeria. You most likely wouldnt infer that becasue it is a strange combination of food,- food and coffee?
I was able to snap this picture before I froze to death from the fountain water being pushed by the freezing wind. However, this picture symbolizes the main area of Avalon. The giant fountain outside the theatre is a common meeting point among most people. Behind me is the large green that is normally the play area for kids and animals.