Story #1

picture 1- A picture of us at a really young age showing we have been friends for a really long time.

Picture 2- A picture of our yearbook showing us side by side in first grade

Picture 3- Our invention of the mega straw 8 years ago

Picture 4- A picture of us a long time ago waiting to be seated at a restaurant

Picture 5- Alex’s birthday 7 years ago

Picture 6- Alex and I relaxing in the basement

Picture 7- Us posing in front of the lake

Picture 8- Alex and I relaxing after a long day on the water

Picture 9- Alex and I eating breakfast together 4 years ago

Picture 10- Alex and I on a family trip together

Picture 11- Picture of Alex, his siblings and I posing in front of a statue 5 years ago

Picture 12- Alex and I posing with Snoopy

Picture 13- Alex and I driving his grandparent Mustang

Picture 14- Me saying goodbye to Alex as I had to head home after me coming to visit

Picture 15- Our friend groups first day moved into college

Picture 16- Alex and I apartment Hunting after we transferred away together

Picture 17- Our reaction after we climbed the water tower behind us

Picture 18- Alex and I embarrassing ourselves dressing like fools about to go downtown for the night

Picture 19- Saying goodbye to our friend as we send him off to his new school in Pittsburgh

Picture 20- The squad reuniting before this current year begins