What I learned in Digital Rhetoric

This year has been a great year. From this class, I have learned how to write a story digitally and online. I never had thought that I would be able to create a whole website with different paths that do different things. I now feel confident to write online and be proud of my work when or if I compare it to other people’s digital stories. This class has truly inspired me to keep my blog up and continue to add different content of my own, I cant wait for the journey it takes me on!

I want to thank my professor, Dr. Kim Haimes-Korn, through this class, she has opened up so many possibilities with me and all my classmates. She is an excellent professor that has taught us so much about digital storytelling. To begin, she taught us how to make a website, something I’ve always wanted to do but never known how to. She taught us how to incorporate links within our stories that bring us deeper and deeper into the story to keep the reader motivated to keep looking at more. I want to thank you, professor, for a great semester, I will use what you taught me in my future career and truly excel.